The label is committed to unusual music, full commitment and one might say passion by the musicians involved.

Maarten van Regteren Altena/ Roy Ashbury / Chris Burn / Clive Bell / Ian Brighton / John Butcher / Martin Blume / Michael Bunce / Paul Burwell / Richard Beswick / Steve Beresford / Gunter Christmann / Mark Charig / Nigel Coombes / Peter Cusack / Terry Day / Will Evans / Nestor Figueras / Wolfgang Fuchs / Bruno Guastalla / Mats Gustaffson / Matthew Hutchinson / Mike Hames / Teppo Hauta-Aho / Jari Hongisto / Guus Janssen / Peter Jacobsen / Jan Kamphuis / Dominic Lash / Jim Lebaigue / Jim Livesey / Paul Lovens / Paul Lytton / Chas Manning / Hugh Metcalfe / Marcio Mattos / Mark Meggido / Martin Mayes / Radu Malfatti / Simon Mayo / Tony Oxley / Evan Parker / John Russell / Harri Sjostrom / Larry Stabbins / Raymond Strid / Roger Smith  / Sten Sandell / Alan Tomlinson / David Toop / Paul Termos / Roger Turner / Trevor Taylor / Bernard Watson / Colin Wood /
Harry de Wit / Parny Wallace / Phil Wachsmann / Tony Wren / Wolter Wierbos / Kees van Zelst

The collective was for musicians making new music and improvisation that they felt important, and often each project was financed and owned by the musicians. There were two LPs that applied for and received support from the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Later conditions changed, regrettably Pete and Tony were unable to continue, and more and more initiatives rested with Philipp. Matthew Hutchinson joined with an active role. It became clear that Bead Records was no longer serving needs as a collective of owners, participants and workers, so Philipp added ‘sp’ to the name (beadrecordssp) to recognise this change.

Projects are no longer always financed by the musicans who own their own music. Costs of production, web site and distribution need to be met and, alas, profits are such that they generally do not match costs. Regretably this is the way the world we live in is going. Many musicians gain income only indirectly from CD sales.

It will soon be necessary to adjust to a very different method of communicating recorded music.

Bead remains committed to a high quality of sound and recording and compressed formats do not do this music justice with its wide dynamic range and the quality of the touch and feeling of the musicians.