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Bead 2 Richard Beswick/Simon Mayo/Phil Wachsmann/Tony Wren Chamberpot
Bead 7 Richard Beswick/Phil Wachsmann/Tony Wren Sparks of the desire magneto
Bead 10 Levers (Hugh Metcalfe/Parny Wallace/Chas Manning Alone
Bead 12 Phil Wachsmann/Harry de Wit For Harm
Bead 13 Evans/Beswick/Hutchinson Opera
Bead 18 Phil Wachsmann/Richard Beswick Hello Brenda!
Bead 19 Mike Hames/Jim Lebaigue/Hugh Metcalfe/Phil Wachsmann The bugger all stars
Bead 20 Mark Charig/Larry Stabbins/Paul Burwell/Martin Mayes/Tony Wren Mama Lapato
Bead 21 Bugger all stars Bonzo bites back
Bead 24 Chris Burn/John Butcher Fonetiks
Bead 25 Tony Oxley/Phil Wachsmann/Wolfgang Fuchs/Hugh Metcalfe the Glider & the Grinder
Bead 26 Quintet Moderne Ikkunan takana [Behind the window]

Breaking news :There is a plan to re-issue Bead 16 ‘White Strings Attached’ as a CD on a different label (no others at present)


  • Bead 1 Peter Cusack/Simon Mayo Milk teeth
  • Bead 3 Ian Brighton/Marcio Mattos/Radu Malfatti/Roger Smith/Phil Wachsmann/Jim Livesey/Sounds in Brass Handbell Ensemble Marshgas
  • Bead 4 Roy Ashbury/Larry Stabbins Fire without bricks
  • Bead 5 Peter Cusack After being in Holland for two years
  • Bead 6 Nestor Figueras/David Toop/Paul Burwell Cholagogues
  • Bead 8 Colin Wood/Bernard Watson/Clive Bell Downhill
  • Bead 9 Peter Cusack/Steve Beresford/Terry Day/David Toop Alterations
  • Bead 11 Harry de Wit April ’79
  • Bead 14 Gunter Christmann/Maarten van Regteren Altena/Peter Cusack/Guus Janssen/Paul Lovens Groups in front of people 1
  • Bead 15 Evan Parker/Terry Day/Maarten van Regteren Altena/Peter Cusack/Guus Janssen/Paul Termos/Paul Lytton Groups in front of people 2
  • Bead 16 Nigel Coombes/Steve Beresford White string’s attached
  • Bead 17 Alan Tomlinson Still outside
  • Bead 22 Peter Cusack/Clive Bell Bird jumps into wood
  • Bead 23 Phil Wachsmann Writing in water


  • Bead Cassette 1 London Bass Trio Live
  • Bead Cassette 2 Phil Wachsmann/John Russell/Marcio Mattos Electric string trio

Sixty-one musicians so far appear on 38 titles